Sunday , May 26th 2019
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Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Merihill Sofa Console Table with Ottoman Review

Amazing! Stunning. That’s how we start this review of the Ashley Furniture signature design’s Merihill sofa console table.

We fully understand how hard is to design a home in a retro Victorian style. There are not a whole lot of furniture options that would match the taste. Later generations seem to have lost the touch and sense on how to make proper furniture and nowadays you see neophytes build something from wood that is decent looking, and then go ahead and paint it a color, completely decimating the point of having the warmth and soul of wood in your home. Might as well make the furniture out of plastic at that point, it’s such a waste of quality wood.

Lucky for us, Ashley Furniture still respects the art of making real wood furniture. What they did with their Merihill console is really worth the respect. Beautiful finish from corner to corner, luxurious wood grain that you don’t see all too often in this modern era, topped in some sort of material resembling marble both in feel and look. They didn’t skimp on the marble too; it’s a huge, thick slab. The included ottoman is dressed in black faux leather.

The combination of the sofa table and the ottoman fits perfectly in small confined spaces and the ottoman slides nicely inside the sofa table to further conserve space. Intricate details really give this duo a very luxurious and noble touch, even if you put it in the entryway. The table could house a plant, a key bowl and other welcoming objects, while the ottoman can be used to sit while you’re putting on your shoes. It’s not limited to that function though and will find its home nicely in any room you put it in. Compact dimensions of 50”W x 19”D x 30.25”H won’t obstruct any passages but will still provide a surprising amount of space for its size. It sits especially nice flush against a wall.

When we heard that assembly is required, due to the intricacy of the design we were a little intimidated and thought that the end product won’t come out nice looking as it did on the catalogue photos, but the entire process went incredibly smooth. The Merihill assembles very easy, the instructions are crystal clear, all hardware and tools are included in the package already. Speaking of the package, seems like Ashley Furniture has taken excessive effort in making sure that the packaging is as bulletproof as it can be. Our test sample didn’t even have a scratch on it and by the looks of the package, it seem impossible to even damage it during the transport. We were really impressed on how that process is very well taken care of, especially because we can see how shipping companies abuse packages. Most of the time our packages arrive looking like they’ve been suplex slammed repeatedly through a mine field. We’re very happy to see that a furniture company is finally taking this issue seriously and is going the extra mile to make sure that you receive your product in the condition it came from the factory.

Overall, we’re very positively surprised of how well the Merihill turned out. This is a welcoming sight in an era where most furniture turns out to be black, white and chrome, and essentially without any soul.