Sunday , May 26th 2019
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Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Trunk Cocktail Table Review

When a trunk is mentioned, usually people relate it to the storage space in a car, but the term trunk goes way back and in fact addresses a certain piece of furniture resembling a chest. For one reason or another, time has cast this beautiful thing into oblivion, but it seems like it was more resilient than we thought and it’s coming back hard. There is really something unique about a simple wooden box that is so attractive and seems to invoke feelings of nostalgia, warm winter nights under candle light while there’s a blizzard roaring just outside that window. It is really hard to describe and we’re flabbergasted of just how much emotions you can revive with five wooden boards and a couple of hinges when they’re put together properly. Sometimes it can really take you through a memory rollercoaster.

Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Trunk Cocktail Table

The humble trunk has so many uses though and seems like Southern Enterprises recognized that when they brought the Pyramid model to the public. It is as simple as it gets, and as simple as it should be. Unlike most furniture nowadays, the Pyramid trunk won’t lie to you and will not pretend to be something else. It is exactly what you see with your own eyes. It is four walls, a bottom, a lid, some hinges and handles and four feet. And then it’s so much more. Just like in the hands of a skilled chef, a couple of eggs, some salt and pepper can produce such an amazing dish, Southern Enterprises managed to do just that with the Pyramid. The outside is lush, gorgeous brown espresso finish giving you the impression of old, weathered wood that has seen generations come and go, heard children crying, bedtime stories told to put them to sleep and then decades later final goodbyes said through tears.

Once upon a time this would be very inconspicuous piece of furniture shoved somewhere into a dark corner or behind a couch but you’ll all agree that it now deserves its moment in the spotlight. The trunk is a perfectly functional table even for the living roomand the contemporary design will surely find its place in any styling choice. The metal hardware has a weathered look as well, not something sterile and clinical that was just produced in a factory. No sir, this hardware looks like it has seen use, overall complementing the whole idea of having a trunk that was passed down from generation to generation. The feet are simple and unobtrusive, won’t attract a whole lot of attention. In fact the entire trunk is such a humble object that you can’t help but wonder, why is this simple thing the centerpiece of this room? You know those people that try so hard to attract attention to themselves that they eventually become obnoxious and repulsive? And then you have those silent people that don’t speak unless asked but for some reason their story intrigues you and draws you to them? This trunk would be like the latter group. It doesn’t scream for attention, it just sits there and yet for some reason is attracting so much attention. Unintentionally it’s going to become the most interesting piece of furniture in your living room, even though you spent ten times more on that designer ceiling chandelier which is being overshadowed now with a simple box that just so happens to be a treasure chest.